You may have noticed the little figure on our items in the shop and elsewhere. Who or what is that? 

That is Twogaa, our mascot. As you can see when you look close, it is the first to step out of the primordial sea and onto land millions of years ago. 

In his wonderful book, Evolutions, scientist Oren Harmen tells a similar story to Twogaa’s: 

“Much had transpired since the first fish walked onto land. For a time the tetrapods could forsake the waters completely. It was then that they split into separate lineages: the sauropods that would lead to the dinosaurs, and the synapsids that would lead to man. 

On the human side countless lineages rose and fell, their names exotic and now forgotten: Caseids, Ophiacodontids, Gorgonopsians, Venjukoviamorphs. But there was a progression, too, along the mammal axis… 

Hundreds of millions of years ago an ancestor of ours was made of just one cell, wafting in the waters dimly. But through successive transformations, it became two cells, and three, and four, and then plenty. Then the signals it formerly used to learn the outer world turned inward, to allow the different cells to talk to one another, itself to communicate with itself for the very first time…” 

And here we are today! Twogaa represents science over superstition, progress over paralysis and honors the scientific method. We are proud of Twogaa. 

Welcome to Twogaa!

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