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“A Jacob Stern novel”

Jacob Stern is a high-echelon private investigator. In Revived In Rio, the boutique estate law firm of Jones, Kall and Knight hire him to find out why their wealthy heiress client fired them and, in their place, hired a street lawyer.

The assignment sounds simple enough. Turns out, it runs Stern head-on into the heiress’s gigolo and his lawyer, the one just hired to replace Jones, Kall and Knight. The plot thickens and enters dangerous territory when Stern learns that the gigolo and the new lawyer are siphoning the heiress’ money into a scam perpetrated on AIDS victims in Rio de Janeiro. The scam involves AIDS victims’ life insurance, sometimes known as a “viatical,” a fancy name for buying life insurance policies and hastening the demise of the policyholders.

In Rio, Stern meets the beautiful Lucia. They fall in love amidst helping Lucia’s sister, a transferral, as she seeks both medical and psychological adjustment.


A Jacob Stern novel

Jacob Stern is at it again when Professor Jefferson of the University of Houston contacts him about his missing daughter who did not return with her class from their graduation trip to the New Orleans French Quarter. Stern investigates and determines that she has been kidnapped by a former Blackwater employee operating a drug ring out of the 7-11 Bar in the Quarter. His rescue attempt takes him deep into Mexico and indigenous territory. With near misses and harrowing violence, Stern’s tenacity pays off – but not without a price.

The Jacob Stern novels, tales of intrigue, violence and love, are gripping and fast-moving.

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