The Terrorist

“The Terrorist by Harun (Glen Aaron)”

The nom de guerre “Harun” is simply the Arabic word for “Aaron” and is used by the author to emphasize that this novel is not about prejudice but is, rather, a geopolitical thriller wrapped in an inter-ethnic love story.

Yazid, a Saudi, and Ahmad, a Palestinian, met and became close friends at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On holiday, they travel to the Palestinian-occupied territory out of simple curiosity but become embroiled in life-challenging experiences. The trauma thus caused sends the two friends onto different paths–Yazid to graduate school in America, Ahmad to jihadism with the intent to attack the United States.

While the two young men’s lives travel in opposite directions, at the same time and unrelated for now, CIA agent Brad Hackman is on holiday, checking into the Atlantis at Dubai. Cyra, an American Persian beauty from New York City temporarily working at the Dubai Atlantis, checks Brad into the hotel. There is an immediate attraction. That evening, they meet for dinner and promise to get in touch when Cyra returns to Columbia University for post-graduate studies and Brad returns to CIA headquarters at Langley.

Yazid is soon accepted at Columbia as a graduate student. He meets and becomes good friends with Cyra. However, one night Ahmad shows up at Yazid’s apartment and tries to draw Yazid into his terroristic intrigue. The pressure is more than Yazid can stand and he seeks Cyra’s help. She then turns to Brad for help. The plot turns thriller of international intrigue, jihadist and terroristic plans, with Brad and Cyra’s counter-attempts to prevent attacks on their homeland.

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