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Broken Justice

In Broken Justice, author Glen Aaron takes on the criminal justice system of injustice in two parts. Part I contains actual, real-life, shocking stories of what the system has perpetrated upon innocent people. Part II segregates each element of the criminal justice system from prosecutor to our system of incarceration, vividly showing where shortfalls exist.

Broken Justice is a readable expose of what goes on behind the facade of justice, the dysfunction that the average citizen never thinks about.

Originally, Glen wrote Letters to My Grandchildren over a period of time as letters of advice and essays of opinions. Because he often found it difficult to verbalize these subjects when enjoying the presence of a grandchild, he wrote to them, instead. Ultimately, the collection was bound into a book, primarily for the family‚Äôs use. However, when friends asked for a copy and suggested making the book generally available, he published it so anyone could acquire it. The letters and essays cover many topics, but a common theme describes how much easier life will be if, early on, self-discipline and a willingness to study becomes an integral part of character; looking for diversion or an easy way out is never the best course. By following tried and proven principles, over time, life becomes easier. The sage and good advice, with a little humor injected here and there, makes Letters a fun read.  
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