Posted on June 29, 2019 by Diana Roberts


A Guide to Questioning Islam, Religion & God for a Better Future

By Adam Wadi

This is the best book I have ever read on the Quran and its theology, and I have read many. Interestingly, the arguments against Quranic validity proffered by the author are equally applicable to Christianity. Nevertheless, the book is not only a primer on the Quran it is a logical and reasonable discussion of the purpose of its many rules, without bellicose attack.

The author is not Adam Wadi. That is the author’s pen name for safety, but from the writing and text of Atheism for Muslims, one can see that the author is highly intelligent and well educated. He poses the following for consideration:

“We’ve now reached a tipping point in the history of humankind. Just like the universe, human knowledge is expanding faster as time progresses. Our understanding of planet Earth and our Homo sapiens ancestors is more accurate than ever before. Justice systems and human rights laws have developed so substantially that they are unrecognizable from the ones we had a 100 years ago. So let’s ask, what purpose do religions serve in keeping social order, which cannot be maintained by humans?

“But there are religions holding non-altruistic ideals which are also hindering us. Religious ideologies which withhold the rights of women and homosexuals, religious doctrines which declare the Big Bang Theory and Evolution blasphemy, and religious creeds which condemn those who don’t believe what’s written in their holy books.

“Depending on our faith we may believe some, all, or no gods are fictional. But it doesn’t matter which because any suffering or discrimination caused by those gods was 100% real. This is why it is important to strive towards distinguishing between fiction and reality. Religions were so successful at keeping social order because people believed they had divine legitimacy. This is what made people conform, not question their political leaders, and foster an insular groupthink environment. So we can keep exclusively relying on religions to enforce goals and regulate humanity in the same way it did thousands of years ago. Or, we can adapt and find a middle ground before the social order and structures religion creates does more harm than good to humanity in the next 10, 100 and 1,000 years.”

This book leads by way of logical thinking and examples. Even if you are not interested in reading the part applicable to the Quran, all other parts are well worth the read.

Atheism for Muslims is highly recommended, and Twogaa thanks the real author for his bravery! Truth always has a difficult time surfacing, but this is a very good start.