House of Spies

Posted on February 7, 2019 by Glen Aaron

House of Spies
By Daniel Silva

Arabs and Africans by ethnicity, Europeans by passports, all had spent time in the caliphate of ISIS.

From different countries and on different airlines they trickled into London unsuspected. Each cell, one for Luton, Harlow, and Gravesend, met for a final meal and, afterward, each member ritually prepared their bodies for death.

The death toll of the independently timed attacks was horrendous. All of London was now on edge. What will happen next and where?

Daniel Silva is the absolute master of spy thrillers and has numerous kudos as a New York Times best seller. In House of Spies, the London attack brings together from diverse evidence sources the unlikely allegiance of Israeli, French and British intelligence services, each working on critical time urgency to avoid another attack, this time with a dirty bomb.

This is great entertainment if you are into spy novels, and Silva’s ability to develop each character in a way that you feel you actually know them, both good and dysfunctional, is a unique talent. He, as all good fiction writers, suspends disbelief with just enough factual research to establish actual validity, while then taking the reader on a fictional tour.