Posted on October 11, 2018 by Glen Aaron

You will not want to put PROOF down. This is a new legal thriller author who is also an appellate lawyer.


She has already won awards for writing and no wonder. Her protagonist is Caroline Auden, now an inexperienced street lawyer after initially being hired by a large prestigious law firm that didn’t work out.


When she chases down a nursing home attendant who stole her grandmother’s very expensive watch just before she died, this new to the street lawyer uncovers a huge not-so charitable corporation, administrating a vast scam and cover-up of numerous nursing homes convincing patients to will their estate to the corporation. As she investigates further, her questions and intrusion are not well received and her life becomes endangered.


Fortunately for Carolyn, before law school she was an IT engineer and had learned hacking from her father. This tool and being befriended and hidden by the homeless of Los Angeles give Carolyn a fighting chance of exposing the corporation before their hitman does her in.


This is one of the best legal thrillers I have read in quite a while. Highly recommended. Tight on character development. Fast moving plot. I guarantee you will like it!