Heart Warming Immigration Essay

A young person by the name of Kimberly Perez recently won a prize in the essay contest of FFRF. It was entitled “Knowledge is Power,” and was so moving Twogaa decided to share it with you.  “As an immigrant and a first-generation college student, attaining higher education has been an uphill battle.

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The Supreme Court and What Is Next

  The great fear of many Americans is that the newly converted majority of SCOTUS is going to make America a Christian dominated theocracy and started with these cases that are about to be presented before it:   Government Funding of Religious Education Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, the

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What Is Equality

  Equality is like beauty. While it is beautiful, it is often defined only by the individual’s feeling. But governmental laws cannot go by feeling. The laws, all of them, must set the boundaries so that all citizens are protected and each person, each group, are mandated to be equal

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  FREEDOM              Poem by: Glen Aaron       Spiritual  Freedom is coming to the USA       Not by a court to determine who will worship, who will not       From the wells of disappointment        Where women kneel to pray         From the non-holy places where the races meet 

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Twogaa Topic – Abortion

Left out of the abortion debate is the recognition that the philosophy to abort or not is a religious theological issue versus a privacy-First Amendment violation. The debate comes in disparate premises and each has divergent shades of white, black and gray as to word definition, base philosophical choice, and application.  According

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Calling out Rachel Laser

  The Washington Post announces that the last Koch brother is stepping down from management and participation in his many conservative organizations. In May 2019, the Kochs announced a major restructuring of there philanthropic efforts. Going forward, the Koch network will operate under the umbrella of Stand Together, a nonprofit

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Easter Sunday Bombing of Christians

Sri Lanka is an island nation south of India and an ally of the United States and India. The Easter Sunday massacre of Christians gives Americans lessons to be learned:  Lesson 1: The idea that only poor, lonely, disenfranchised Muslim individuals succumb to being suicide bombers is a misperception. The Sri Lanka bombers were wealthy or well-to-do

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Progressive Principles

“Progressives not only share these values but also share political principles that arise from these values.”

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Loss Aversion Religion

Loss aversion religion such as Christianity increases personal stress and anxiety. The brain responds quickly to purely symbolic threats. The brain and the subconscious quickly attend and focus on emotionally charged words. Negative loaded or bad words attract attention faster than do happy words.

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Mohammed Al Khadra

[Note: Mohammed Al Kkadra is the founder of Council of Ex-Muslims of Jordan. Until recently he lived in Jordan, but faced potential arrest by the government as it saw an open atheist as untenable in that country. This is a prime example of what eventually happens when religion controls the

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Tax the Church! Yes, the time has come.

Tax the Church! Yes, the time has come. Religious institutions shelter themselves under a tax code exemption as a nonprofit (501 (c)(3), so as to pay no tax, they are not like the charitable foundations normally given that tax payment exemption. While most First Amendment activists fight to keep religion and government separate, giving religion a free ride on the government services they receive has the opposite effect. The premise that no-tax of church, synagogue, Mosque, etc. protects separation between religion and state is a legal fiction.

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Trump moved the U.S. embassy of Israel to Jerusalem, many people were not quite sure of his motive. However, those political analysts who know and understand Trump’s base did. It is worth a review. The benefit is in learning just how serious the Trump administration and Trump’s base are to undermining the First Amendment and why.

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TWOGAA Rebuttal

With respect to the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (“CPCF”) and to their right to free speech, the following rebuttal should be considered.

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The State of Texas – Teaching

Texas has long been noted for narrow-minded Protestant and Catholic fundamentalism, except for South-Texas and the valley in Catholicism. The battles of the Texas Board of Education exemplifies the historical religious tension in the state as much as anything.

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The First Religious Freedom Law

In 1779, Jefferson proposed a bill that would guarantee complete legal equality for citizens of all religions, and of no religion, in his home state Assembly of Virginia. Jefferson’s was the first plan in any of the 13 states to call for complete separation of civil and religious authority. It was monumental but not an easy plan to get through the Assembly. Different groups had different mindsets that had not reached that level of independence, and after seven years of fierce debate and political bargaining, a law was adopted, just in time for similar consideration and debate in the Constitutional Congress for the greater United States.

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Confessions From Prison is a compilation of prisoners’ stories, their crime and their experience, as well as some of their letters written from prison. One can never actually walk in another’s shoes, but Confessions From Prison humanizes the person without stereotype and gives us a sense of who these people really are.

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