Posted on August 7, 2019 by Diana Roberts


        Poem by: Glen Aaron      

Spiritual  Freedom is coming to the USA 

     Not by a court to determine who will worship, who will not 

     From the wells of disappointment 

      Where women kneel to pray  

      From the non-holy places where the races meet 

      Spiritual  Freedom is coming to the USA 


 It’s coming through that crack in the Wall 

      That one first listed right 

       People will understand  

       And seek relief from every legislative hall 

       Religious dogma cannot stand in the way 

       Spiritual Freedom is coming to the USA 

The people know and they captain this mighty 

       Ship of state! 

       So sail on to the shore of reason 

       Past the reefs of Christian prejudice 

       Through the storms of greed and hate. 

Spiritual Freedom, believe or not believe, is coming to the USA! 


Sail on,    Sail on,   Sail on