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“Is it time to send the Statue back to France?”

Posted on August 6, 2019 by Diana Roberts

Last Thursday;

“The Senate Judiciary Committee took action on Graham’s anti-asylum bill S.1494.

RAICES and other humanitarian organizations including Human Rights First, International Rescue Committee, The Immigration Hub, and the Center for American Progress have already voiced strong opposition to this legislation that seeks to undermine humane asylum policies including the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) and the Flores settlement.

Senator Graham’s anti-asylum bill would

  • Extend time immigrant children spend in detention (nullifying the Flores settlement) Give the Department of Homeland Security – the oppressors currently responsible for deplorable detention conditions – “unreviewable discretion to determine the conditions of these facilities”
  • Limit asylum claims to only those entering via ports of entry which violates both domestic and international law
  • Require unaccompanied children to apply for asylum within one year
    Prohibit states from requiring that family detention centers be certified by the state
  • Create “refugee processing centers” in other countries which will further limit asylum claims as these claims will then be subject to refugee caps based on the President’s set number, which has been historically low under the Trump Administration

The end goal of this legislation is to completely strip humanitarian protections for immigrants and asylum-seeking newcomers to the United States and to reduce the number of asylum claims allowed. It’s, in essence, a way to subvert our duty to provide a legal process for those fleeing extreme and alarming violence in their home countries to seek refuge in the United States.”

On July 4th, 1776, in the harbor of New York our new nation received from France the Statue of Liberty. France helped us greatly to win our independence. On that beautiful statue are the following symbols:
1. Torch — light showing the path to Liberty
2. Crown — symbol of divinity
3. Robe — symbol of Liberty
4. Spikes in the crown — the seven continents
5. Windows in the crown — gemstones on Earth
6. Broken Shackles — Freedom from oppression
7. Tablet — law establishment
8. — Facing Southwest — Welcoming visitors
The fire from the torch which we added later is considered the symbol of enlightenment.
We must ask Senator Lindsey Graham and President Trump, “Is it time to send the Statue back to France?”


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