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The President’s other offers to the Dems to end the shutdown.

Posted on January 21, 2019 by johnzakour

A satirical list of Trump’s offerings.

One Reply to “The President’s other offers to the Dems to end the shutdown.”

  1. Other concessions and bribes President Trump considered offering the Dems to end the standoff.

    Happy meals for all. “Yum!”

    MAGA hats at a nice discount.

    A one day pass to any Trump golf course. “They are all bigly!”

    He’ll follow them on twitter and not insult them for three days.

    He’ll loan them Giuliani to be their lawyer. “Best Lawyer ever.”

    Don Junior and Eric will be their yes men. “They don’t eat much.”

    Personal dance lessons for Alexandra Osario-Cortez “I’m a very good dancer.”

    He’ll put in a good word with Putin for them.

    Mike Pence will show up at their houses and bore them to sleep.

    Two words: Melania make overs. “Most of you are 5’s at best”

    I will use my pull to get your sessions moved from c-span to NBC for slightly better ratings.

    He’ll give them his Martin Luther King Statue! “It’s very nice.”

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