Submitted by Glen Aaron on November 14, 2012

Ginger Witte, a Lamesa hometown artist, was most influenced early on by an artist who was generally known as ” The crazy lady of Lamesa.” That ” strange woman” who lived at the other end of the block from Ginger and whom Ginger most admired was named Patricia Nix and ended up with galleries in both New York and Paris.

Ginger’s medium is predominately water color, but her artistic education was with the Art Institute of Houston where she learned and later excelled in the once vibrant industry of fashion illustration. By day, she works with the District Attorney, but by night and weekend , she follows her passion of teaching drawing and artistic technique to children, where she has quite a following in both Lamesa and Midland.

When I say “passion,” I really mean it, and it’s the most interesting story how Ginger fell in love with teaching. She was raised an only child and thought she didn’t particularly like children. However, Lamesa didn’t have an art teacher at the time and some parents talked Ginger into teaching their children. She fell in love with the kids and never looked back. Today, she has as many as sixty students in two towns, and if that is not enough, since September has started teaching the children at High Sky Children’s Ranch. Her patience, positiveness, and indeed love for the kids must be healing as they face tough times in their lives.

For ten years, Ginger had a gallery next to Jorge’s at Midland Drive and Wadley but closed it some time ago. However, she is contemplating opening another gallery and studio in the near future. Within her work, she uses watercolor and focuses on floral. She says she finds great character even in dying flowers, but you can see from the representation above her work can be quite vibrant.

Lamesa and Midland are fortunate to have this talented teacher contributing to our community.

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