Submitted by Glen Aaron on May 1, 2013

null You have got to read The Red Horse Minnow Club!!!

Whether you were a kid growing up in West Texas, or even if you weren’t; you should read this book, just so you can laugh. In fact, I’ll bet you can’t get past six pages without laughing so hard tears will be running down your cheeks.

Brothers — one is nine, the other, twelve — are growing up on the Pecos River at Iraan, Texas. It was one brief, amazing summer in 1965. What is logic and common sense to two boys this age, living in a small town where nothing was going on, two boys with expandable imaginations, defies the very definition of the words, logic or common sense.

From cherry red Schwinn 1963 Fleet model bikes that could endure a five-foot drop, to lying prone and naked while floating the riffles of the river; from mystical encounters with Indian Flats, Fat Man’s Misery, or Owl Canyon, there is never a dull moment, thanks to what these boys will pull for their own entertainment. Their perpetual vanguard and co-conspirator is “Tiger,” the quick-as-a-greyhound, short-legged, fearless Chihuahua.

For now, you will have to use your own imagination as to what it takes to get into the red horse minnow club. There were few things these boys would refrain from trying; no challenge too great to dare. In their hands, even magic markers became instruments of devilish creativity. While today’s children rely on Harry Potter for their creativity and live vicariously through technology, Iraan in the ’60s was a place where you created your own excitement through your own creativity.

Written in the vain of Bill Bryson’s The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, the reader can neither put this book down, nor quit laughing.

The author, W. Jay Taylor, the younger brother in the story, now lives in Amarillo. He is a business owner and is “surrounded by a bevy of his children and grandchildren.”

The Red Horse Minnow Club can be purchased at Amazon.com.

Born in West Texas in the 1950’s, W. Jay Taylor grew up in the West Texas town of Iraan. He spent his childhood roaming the hills and swimming in the Pecos River. He often speaks of his childhood as a “Huckleberry Finn type of boyhood.” His love of literature and good storytelling led to his first book about his adventures as a boy. After graduating from West Texas State University, he settled in Amarillo, Texas, founding a software firm with his siblings. He still lives there today with his wife, Jena, enjoying his children and grandchildren, pursuing his life adventures. You can contact Jay at jay@wjaytaylor.com.

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