Submitted by Glen Aaron on June 20, 2011

Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan (“Jackie”) married Dr. A.N. Spencer (“A.N.”) one year and one day after the death of her first husband, Hugh Bancroft, Jr. Jackie and A.N. were married for over forty years.

A. N. was the country doctor at Carrizozo, New Mexico, and although Jackie had been married to Hugh Bancroft, Jr. just five years, she had three stair-stepped small children. Her marriage to A.N. made for an interesting convergence of rich lineages. While Hugh, Jr., came from Boston blue blood, early colonial wealth and ultimately a “Wall Street Journal” and Dow Jones inheritance fortune, Dr. A.N. Spencer’s heritage came from establishing the western territory of New Mexico as a state.

A.N.’s grandfather, William Calhoun McDonald was born July 25, 1858, in Jordanville, New York. He taught school while acquiring his education in New York, headed West to Kansas for a brief stop in 1880 where he was admitted to the bar but quickly moved on to the boom town of White Oaks, New Mexico. This trip was partly by railroad, partly by stagecoach.

After serving as United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor for the Territory of New Mexico, in 1890, McDonald took control of the El Capitan Live Stock Company, the largest cattle concern in New Mexico. On November 7, 1911, McDonald was elected the first statehood Governor of New Mexico with a grand inauguration in Santa Fe.

The heritage of Jackie’s first two husbands were rich in history; one, from the East and early colonial wealth as well as early 20th century capitalism; the other, in settling the West and bringing statehood to New Mexico.

I write of Jackie and her husbands in my book: “Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of greed, envy, manipulation — even crime”