Submitted by Glen Aaron on June 6, 2011

As a young girl, Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan (“Jackie”) was always taller than the girls and boys her age. She was big-boned but not fat. She was taught grace and etiquette but flowing dance moves were beyond her. She longed to be able to move like a ballerina or to glide or sing like those she saw in the performing arts. It would never be, but she would never lose her joy in watching those who had such talent.

The substitute that worked well for her and that she mastered was dressage, sometime referred to as “Horse Ballet”. She grew up in Denver with her horses as her best friends, and while she trained them, a professional trainer was often present as well. She won many competitions as she worked with her steed’s natural athletic ability and willingness to perform. As she took it through its paces, often receiving scores of 9 (very good) or 10 (excellent) by the judges, this was her ballet. This was her performing art. No doubt, the other girls and boys who had those other talents longed to do what Jackie was doing as she and her steed became one. (http://www.usdf.org)

Jackie never lost her love for horses nor for the performing arts. In 1997, she would build The Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts (http://www.spencertheater.com) in the mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico.

In 2011, I would write a novel about her life and her marriage to her last husband:  “Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story: a tale of people, greed, envy, manipulation — even crime”

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