LAOS (9)

Submitted by Glen Aaron on February 8, 2012

George and his partner decided to review another Laotian infantry company of the 3rd Military Region on the border that could only be accessed by water. They departed up the Mekong River to Muang Khammouan.

The company commander had been notified by the regiment radio that the men were coming, and they were met at the pier. From there they went by Jeep to the company headquarters where they were given a briefing of the military and political situation in the immediate area and along the stretch of border for which the company was responsible.

George and his partner then proceeded with two Jeeps, one armed with a machine gun, through the village of Mahaxay to the army post, Ban Sa Ang, located about three Km from the actual border. The dirt road was in poor condition and it took considerable skill to drive around the deep potholes and along narrow stretches on mountainous roads with deep cliffs at tires’ edge. Nevertheless, the view of the wild, dense jungle with craggy mountains in the background was breathtaking. At one place on the road, the men encountered some road workers repairing potholes and a culvert with the help of a team of elephants. Not far beyond that, the men had to get out of the Jeeps with machetes and hack away jungle growth so they could proceed.

I write of George’s service and experiences in Laos in my book:  Observer: The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, the tale of America’s highest ranking military officer convicted of spying.

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