Submitted by Glen Aaron on May 3, 2012

We returned from the Miami plastic surgeon. Surgery on the ruptured tricep implant was scheduled for two weeks hence. Ron was adamant that I bring suit against Sam Vest for causing this injury.

Sam was a wealthy gay rancher from Monahans, Texas, who had hired Ron to remodel and decorate his ranch house, a large, rambling house and a long way from El Paso, where Ron lived. Ron’s story was that, because of the distance, he would often spend the night at the house after a day’s work. One night, as he was getting out of the shower, there was drunk Sam wanting to have sex. Some pushing and shoving occurred. Sam grabbed Ron’s left arm and his grasp ruptured Ron’s tricep implant.

As Ron insisted that I sue Sam, I tried to explain to him that West Texans may generally be homophobic, but, under Texas law, this case would have to be tried in Monahans. Sam may be gay, but he was their gay. He gave to the Baptist church and supported many civic projects, financially. A jury in that small town was not going to find against Sam.

The more I explained, the more infuriated Ron became. He wanted justice, and he insisted that Sam would just settle out of court. I suggested that we both think about the consequences of filing suit, before going off half-cocked.