Submitted by Glen Aaron on July 26, 2011

Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan (“Jackie”) and Ronnie Lee Morgan (“Ron”, http://www.ronmorgan.net/) were married on December 7, 2000, at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs in a private ceremony with about fifteen people attending. Two of Jackie’s three children, “Wink” and Kathryn were there, as was I.

Jackie was a private person and did not like calling attention to herself, though her every action was a societal buzz. I remember her first anniversary with Ron which was celebrated with a few friends at Jackie’s house. Ron presented her with an eighteen carat gold, diamond encrusted pendant of a race horse in full gallop. She seemed pleased, but I knew she had not been one for flashy jewelry during her life, so I thought the gift unusual. Jackie, from what I had observed, wore very nice conservative clothing and jewelry but what one might view as understated considering her wealth.

Later in the evening of that first anniversary, I asked Ron about his gift. He said the pendant cost about $35,000 and he should make a commission on it of about $3,500. In a state of surprise, I questioned “commission?” He said that any jewelry he sold to Jackie from his jewelry connection he received a commission.

It seemed very odd that on the one hand Ron would give Jackie a jeweled present but later have to get the money from her to pay for it, while at the same time receiving a kickback (“commission”) for the gift.

I write of Jackie and Ron”s relationship in my book: “Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of people, greed, envy, manipulation — even crime”

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