Submitted by Glen Aaron on January 23, 2015

You are a bright, 18 – year old at Midland College. One of the professors there has created a market revolutionary program, The Midland Human Capital Market. If successful, it will change workforce and student loan economics forever. Just think, you could be part of it. You could escape student loan debt.

Today, the average student loan debt is $30,000 and for post – graduate work much higher. The default rate on student loans is a national disaster. But what if there was a way to build a computer analytical program that takes the personal and academic data of students and assists them in selling a percentage, say 30%, of their future, lifetime income for a calculated amount of cash right now? You, as a student, or a future financial asset, and you can sell that asset to wealthy investors based upon the Midland Human Capital Market data. It is called an IPO are Initial Public Offering of yourself.

This concept and the fact that Midland University is nearing its beta test on the program. That should put the idea into action creates a whirlwind of conflict. A politician from Santa Fe, calling the program indentured servitude, plans to come to Midland to protest. The President of the United States comes from Washington to support his wealthy constituency, who like the investment idea and its profit potential.

But the President has a higher duty, as well. Some two years before, a Russian group headed by terrorist Adam Pastorius had attempted to wipe Midland off the face of the earth when he and his group smuggled in an atomic device. While members of the group were either captured or killed without detonating a bomb, Pastorius escaped. Now, he is back and intends to set off another bomb before the beta test of Midland University’s Human Capital Program. The President wants to be there this time for the capture of Pastorius. It will make a significant photo – op for reelection.

In the trenches of both danger and conflict are the Midland University professor who developed the Human Capital Program and a sergeant of the Midland University police force, both of whom were important players in thwarting the destructive designs of the terrorist Pastorius, before. This man not only wants to detonate his bomb but causes much fear, suffering and death to the professor and the police sergeant as possible. It is pay – back time.

This novel created and written by author Calvin Wolf is an intrigue – filled, fast moving thriller. It is fun to read for any Midland College student, graduate our faculty member. It is also great fun for those of us who live here. The setting is Midland College and covers many familiar streets and areas of our town.

The conceptual basis of the plot, the Human Capital of students, is most intriguing, indeed, a unique concept. That, alone, could open interesting debates and book clubs are coffeeshop conversations.

This action – packed, intriguing story will inspire readers because everyone is affected by the higher education sector and America’s increasing economic inequality. Thus, The University is a good read for those interested in higher education, politics, international affairs and terrorism, are simply a good thriller.

The author, Calvin Wolf, is a twenty – nine year old high school social studies teacher and this is his second completed novel. He has been a freelance writer since May 2011 and writes for Digital Journal and Examiner, and previously for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and Helium, focusing primarily on commentary, education policy, and history.

The reader can quickly tell that this author is a talented writer and has a bright future in the genre of fiction. If there is a criticism at this stage of his development, it might be that he moves too fast with more characters than needed. Of course, fast – paced page burner’s is what we all like.

The University can be purchased online@Amazon.com both in print and on Kindle.

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