Twogaa Sunday Post – 10.06.19 (Flies and Trump)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on October 6, 2019


On Sundays, after a week of constant news about Trump and his “Freedom of Religion” council of Pentecostals, fundamentalists and evangelists, and their manipulations of power and influence, a vision surfaces that one of our best depictions of this Trump play comes from Lord of  the Flies, the famous novella by William Golding.

In his story, a group of young and well-behaved English schoolboys are shipwrecked on an island. As time wears on without rescue the boys begin to shed the restraints of society; their cultural veneer is slowly stripped away. First, they begin to change their behavior and dress, chanting and dancing around the fire, painting themselves, and wearing less and less clothing. They become savages, reflecting our more primitive selves. The stronger boys begin to dominate the weak through social intimidation and physical threat. Only one of the boys seems to hold onto his humanity (the protagonist), trying in vain to maintain a just and civil society. But in the end, even his basic instincts of violence and savagery emerge.






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