Twogaa Sunday Post – 10.20.19 (Why it’s Important)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on October 20, 2019

Allowing people working in health care to avoid treating someone because the caretaker has different beliefs from the patient is just another example of government interference and religious bias. A good Samaritan would set religious beliefs aside in a health care or health emergency environment. If the health of the patient requires a religious choice by either the caretaker or demanding a religious choice by the patient, then the caretaker should not be in that profession.

The absurd Trump/Pince version of “religious freedom” mandates through government statutes a choice in favor of Christianity. But true religious freedom gives you the right to join (or stay away from) the house of worship of your choice, to read the religious texts of your choosing, and to share your views with others on your own time and with your own dime.

Trump/Pince “freedom of religion” gives you no rights. It only tells and compels you as to what you can and cannot do. If successful, Americans cannot have access to birth control, so we can keep the women in their place; infuse the public schools with their prayers and religious practices; block women’s rights, while at the same time claiming they are for them; use repressive laws to keep LGBTQ individuals in the closet; and, have in the past censored books, magazines, plays and films until public opinion (and often the Supreme Court) made them stop.

You should know the brutal truth. While the religious right has stood against every advance of social progress this nation has witnessed, free thinkers and moderates led the push for expansion of these rights in the face of well-financed entrenched opposition anchored in the fundamentalists, and their interpretation of ancient books some deem holy. But this is attacking the freedom of religion the Constitution guarantees us on sectarian religious grounds. This is the very antithesis of governmental protection to give us the right to have religion by our own conscience.

You should know that past examples of oppression were almost always tied to a culturally dominant hegemony that was white, affluent, conservative, male-centric, and Christian. That oppression was and is quite often based in state and federal statutes that we must live by. Anyone who challenges this paradigm is accused of attacking faith. We are not attacking the choice of religion, far from it. We just don’t want the use of politics for the purpose of subverting the First Amendment guarantee of separation between religion and government. For decades the exclusionary argument that we are attacking someone’s faith was used and is still used to keep people in their God-ordained place. What is that? It is staying in a second-class position, poverty, and submission. That is not attacking one’s choice of religion. That’s attacking its use to control and dominate. Decoupling conservative theology from government power is the first step in breaking those chains that prohibit freedom.

The sound of silence from you will be the sound of loss of freedom for all if you do not get involved.

Now is the time!


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