Twogaa Sunday Post – 10.27.19 (Higher Power)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on October 27, 2019

The term “Higher Power” is often used in place of the word “transcendency or transcendence.” Both refer to exceeding normal limits, “rising above,” or supernatural control. It is usually understood as hierarchical and vertical — the “higher power” known as God on top, humans worshiping from below.

But even if you don’t accept that popular thought of transcendency, there is much that can be found on another plane, too. We are inhabitants of a planetary home that is immensely large yet at the same time dwarfed by the vast, vast universe. While we have done much to destroy what once was on earth, there is no transcendence that can forgive or repair our destruction. Each of us stands at a pinpoint in a mind-blowing long span of time that stretches back millions of years and forward for countless more, whether we as humans are with it or not. Our charge, whether we accept it or not, is not geopolitical war nor carbon production of this planet but to cooperate internationally with motivation and action to heal this planet.

Twogaa urges humanism and an international rejoinder of action in the earth sciences requiring every nation to contribute to the reformation of our home planet. The truth is, churches don’t always deliver on this aspect of their purpose, but they could be an integral part. Many are focused on their “I want, I need” prayers that follow an “it’s all about me” paradigm. Many seem to espouse that no matter what we destroy in God’s name it is appropriate because we are the superior species. All, with the exception of Unitarianism, require a price of admission — confession of a supernatural belief  — that remains too high for most secular people, even those who appreciate the communal good that churches perform.

Moreover, there is a rapidly growing response to earth and communal issues. There are more and more venues where people do experience community in the secular world and address the issues of our plant home. In these community groups that are so quickly growing a common voice of reason is heard which supports and uplifts. In their relationships with other people, they find a higher horizontal plane in meaningful access to purpose, joy and their view of transcendence.

In the fast-growing secular population, where God-focused transcendence is not their lot, secularists do get outside themselves. They do taste the transcendent in their relationship with others in clear thinking and sharing, in their love for the ocean and mountains and green life budding on tree branches each spring, in their appreciation for stories of life that have unfolded before us and for life-stories yet to come. They face transcendent not supernaturally but with the idea of how can the world population have clean water, as it once was; how can the world population be fed without destroying the planet; what must we do and how quickly to save the species of our earth in global warming?

Many people proceed today under the illusion that the devastation of the human habitat is happening “there” and that they, in their sheltered enclaves, are immune. They aren’t. Instead of being polarized in opinion, it is time for us all, regardless of our different beliefs, to unite in repairing our home planet, as we enjoy the transcendence that brought us here.


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