Twogaa Sunday Post – 11.24.19 (Christian National Supremists, White Supremists, and the Religious Right

Submitted by Diana Roberts on November 24, 2019


What is now called the “Alt-Right” is one of the newer forms of white nationalism seeking to reform the American Right after its own racial nationalist image. The principles are not new, but the nuance of messaging and the use of social media and Fox News are new and current. The election of Donald J. Trump created a new beginning and a new era of influence for their ideology. Under President Reagan, an amalgamation of the Religious Right, reactionary conservatives in the race, anti-immigration, anti-gun control, anti-LGBTQ, and national isolation, came together into the Republican Party and built a powerful political force. Players in these segmented categories often change their names and are often made up of numerous different groups, but their allegiance to core principles maintain.

Through the years since the Reagan administration, the “Alt-Right” or whatever the amalgamation is at any one time called (“Alt-Right” is changing its name, now), the golden crown goal was to infiltrate and dominate each division of government. That has been accomplished in the White House, the Judiciary and the Senate, although they lost the House in the last midterm election.

In 2017, the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF) was founded by the members of the original “Prayer Caucus” of 2005. Its purpose was “to build a network of like-minded government leaders who are committed to prayer and action.” While purposefully nebulous in good sounding words, it quickly became a troupe for undermining the First Amendment of separation of church and state. CPCF created “Project Blitz, with the stated aim “To protect the free exercise of traditional Judeo-Christian religious and beliefs in the public square, and to reclaim and properly define the narrative which supports such beliefs…and to see the public discourse related thereto as we understood and defined on our terms.”

This is Christian Nationalism. In one fell swoop, the Congresspersons belonging to the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation clearly state that in spite of the protection of freedom of religion in the First Amendment their goal is to bring our government into the establishment of religious principles as defined by the caucus. Not only that but to have the government either control or influence its view of religion as against the First Amendment right of civilian free speech.

Project Blitz has now introduced 76+ bills in state legislatures this year negatively affecting freedom of religion and/or freedom of speech. The religious priorities range from attacking same-sex marriage and reproductive rights to safeguarding the prohibition of Christian adoption agencies who receive federal money to prohibit LGBTQ people to adopt and participate in family care, to building walls against immigration except for whites from Europe.

Abraham Fox of the Anti-Defamation League said in a speech:

“Make no mistake: We are facing an emerging Christian right leadership that intends to ‘Christianize’ all aspects of American life, from the halls of government to the libraries, to the movies, to recording studios, to the playing fields and local rooms of professional collegiate and amateur sport, from the military to SpongeBob SquarePants.’”

That speech was made on November 3, 2005. The voice of free America for the most part either did not hear or was just silent. The sound of silence. Abraham Fox knew. He could see this coming fifteen years ago. Now, here we are. Look at us. The religious right controls legislation, White Supremacists, and White Nationalists control the public discourse and manipulate public thought through motivated thinking and memes on race, religion, and acceptance of violence.

While the Religious Right and White Nationalists fight to pass Christian legislation as against equality, non-Christians fight for equality originally proposed by our Constitution; however, the proselytizing mandate of Christianity demands non-discourse between the two sides. In “Human Rights, Dignity, and Spiritual Belief” by Chip Berlet, it is well stated:

“ For many Americans who are challenging the Christian Right, the issue is not secular belief versus spiritual faith; the issue is how to craft a pluralist civil society that honors the dignity of both secular philosophy and spiritual faith while insisting that theological claims alone should never dictate public policy. That’s why we say we are challenging theocracy; because that’s what the Christian Right is increasingly sowing: a theocratic society.”




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