Twogaa Sunday Post – 12.8.19 (Evolution Evolving)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on December 8, 2019

Evolution critics spend too much time on where we have been and not enough time on where we are going. In science, physics, and art every new creation, every new discovery is the evolution in progress. We are the ones evolving. Whatever that new creation or discovery is was perhaps always there and had its own evolution. We just now stumbled upon it through great effort.

For example, there is a new clue to the existence of a fifth fundamental force of nature that may have emerged. If it is there (and we don’t know, yet), it was always there. We just didn’t know it. A scientific research team in Hungary led by Krasznahorkay at the Atomki Institute of Nuclear Research has been on its trail. They spent years studying the decay of beryllium-8, a radioisotope, and 2016, published details of an odd finding, suggesting it was caused by an unknown particle. This was later proposed to be just a hint of the existence of a fifth force.

Now the researchers have found another anomaly. This time it is in an energy transition involving an excited state of the helium nucleus. They say it is the same particle.
The researchers calculate that the new particle has a mass of around 17 megaelectronvolts, or about 33 times that of an electron, and have called it [X17]!

Looking at the broader picture of evolution, as we view this discovery, our brains are constantly evolving, generation after generation. They never stop, unless an individual ceases to grow by choice or illness, and this happens all too often. Another impediment that we place upon our brains is falling into the comfort zone of always thinking the same way and blocking out alternative reality. You can see it right here in this research. Physics research previously only looked at the predicted path of electron emission in the same accepted direction. But this research team looked in a different direction.

Normal physics predicts that the electron and positron should be emitted roughly in the same direction. But in the beryllium-8 experiment, the two particles diverged at an angle of 135 degrees, while the new helium result gives a similar detection bump at an angle of 115 degrees. This difference is crucial because the helium transitions take place at higher energy than the beryllium one. The higher the energy, the smaller the expected angle. “If the bump is produced by a new particle, it has to move exactly this way,” stated Jonathan Feng, a theoretical particle physicist at the University of California, Irvine.

He investigated the original claim in 2016. At that time, Feng proposed that the X17 particle must only be capable of interacting with neutrons, otherwise it would have been detected already. But for this to be true, the particle can’t be using any known force of nature. Instead, it must be interacting through a force unrelated to gravity, electromagnetism or the two nuclear forces we know of.

One of the many interesting possibilities if this particle really exists is that it will open a new avenue to particle physics and could be the link between ordinary matter and dark matter. The research must go on. It must evolve to affirmation or negation through the scientific process. Evolution is not static, and neither is our mental evolution.

The message for you and me is “Never stop learning. Evolve!”


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