Twogaa Sunday Post – 2.10.19 (Project Blitz)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on February 10, 2019

The nuance of stealing your freedom comes from what you don’t know. Those special interest group activities that are happening in legislatures across the country and motivated pressure for control because the average citizen simply doesn’t have time to follow, or investigate, know about, or counter bad law.

Today, we are all seriously at risk of our First Amendment (freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom from religion) rights being undermined and taken from us. We will not really understand the effect this will have on the daily lives of each of us until it happens, but the effect will not be pleasant.

Project Blitz is a threat to all of us: women, LGBTQ individuals, public school students and families, religious minorities, non-Abrahamic religions, the nonreligious and even Christians who share a different theological interpretation. Project Blitz has prepared a well written detailed report (albeit completely wrong about the rights of Americans) as “Report and Analysis on Religious Freedom Measures Impacting Prayer and Faith in America.” Supported by Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, National Legal Foundation and the WallBuilders Profamily  Legislators Conference, the group called the “CPCF” has sent the playbook for making America by law a Christian fundamentalist nation to every congressional congressman and every state legislator in America.

Why does Twogaa make the allegation that this moneyed group seeks to steal through legislative enactments, many orchestrated enactments, the freedoms of the average American? Certainly, CPCF has an unmitigated right of free speech to contact congresspersons and state legislators to express their view. That said, however, each congressperson or state representative recipient needs two abilities to test the validity of what is said in what they received (1) a true historical grip on First Amendment history (2) critical analysis of just whose right is being infringed, here.

At the risk of being too detailed to entertain, let’s take a look at this report, which for brevity we shall refer to as “RARFMIPFIA”:

“Category #1” RARFMIPFIA

“…promote religious liberty by informing students and the general public about America’s historic commitment to constitutional government and protecting basic rights – including religious liberty.”

Twogaa: Who could argue with that. Isn’t this what we are all saying? Indeed, but take a look at the underlying application of that hypothesis.

RARFMIPFIA: Applied legislative measures for Category #1:

       ➢    National Motto Display Act
➢    National Motto License Plate Act
➢    Civic Liberty Act
➢    Religion in Legal History Act.
➢    Bible literacy Act

Twogaa: each one of these measures codifies fundamentalist theology into federal and state government to the exclusion of all other religious interpretations. Violates the First Amendment.

“Category #2” RARFMIPFIA

Legislative Proclamations and Resolutions

RARFMIPFIA: Have Congress and state legislatures pass Judeo-Christian proclamations and resolutions to honor America’s Christian heritage and distribute to schools where it should be taught.

RARFMIPFIA: Applied legislative measures for Category #2:

➢    Proclamation Recognizing Religious Freedom Day
➢    Proclamation Recognizing Christian Week
➢    Proclamation Recognizing the Importance of the Bible in
➢    Proclamation Recognizing Christmas Day

“Category #3” RARFMIPFIA

Religious Liberty Protection Legislation

RARFMIPFIA: Passing legislative resolutions to define public policies of the state in favor of biblical values concerning marriage and homosexuality.

RARFMIPFIA: Applied legislative measures for Category #3:

➢    Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Intimate
Sexual Relations Only Between Married, heterosexual
➢    Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Reliance on
and Maintenance of Birth Gender
➢    Resolution Establishing Public Policy Favoring Adoption by
intact Heterosexuals, Marriage-based Families ➢    Student
Prayer Certification Act
➢    Preserving Religious Freedom in School Act

Concluding Statement by RARFMIPFIA: Legislation Regarding Our Country’s Religious Heritage

“The measures in this category recognize that religion, and particularly our Judeo-Christian heritage, have played a large part in the founding and history of this country. To this end, it is important for our citizenry, including especially young students, to be educated about those topics. Without that education, we are solely lacking in appreciation and understanding of the principles on which this country was based…”

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