Twogaa Sunday Post – 2.3.19

Submitted by Diana Roberts on February 3, 2019

You have a pressing business decision to make. It has various nuances, any one of which could back-fire the decision you make. If you make the right decision, there is a possible great reward. Making the wrong decision – irreparable loss. How do you resolve this so you can finally have peace of mind?

Last summer, the American supercomputer, Summit, at Oak Ridge National Lab, reclaimed the title from China after five years of running second in machine-learning experiments that ran faster than any before. Underline “machine-learning.” Alternative intelligence (“AI”) algorithms have tapped the power to train in deep-learning, chewing through subjective problems with logic and reason at a rate of a billion operations per second. This pace is known as an exaflop.

It’s coming, and it’s coming in our lifetime. Have a decision problem? Ask your computer which way you should go. This will become a whole new world, as AI can reason and self-learn on any level.

It took early humans over a million years to progress from discovering fire to inventing the wheel. Then it took over a thousand years to invent the printing press. Then it took only a couple of hundred years to build a telescope. In the centuries that followed, the spans of invention and development shortened. We bounded from the steam engine, to gas-powered automobiles, to the Space Shuttle! And then, it took only two decades for us to start modifying our own DNA!

The early Greeks had to look back centuries to study ancient culture, but we need to look back only a single generation to find those who lived without technologies we take for granted today. The timeline of human development is compressing; the space that separates “ancient” and “modern” is shrinking to nothing at all.

The next few years will be shocking, disruptive and wholly unimaginable as we sit here today contemplating it. But this is our new, exciting frontier. May we use it well.

And no, religion has nothing to do with it, other than to try to stop the progress.

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