Twogaa Sunday Post – 4.28.19 (Easter Sunday Bombing of Christians)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on April 28, 2019

Sri Lanka is an island nation south of India and an ally of the United States and India. The Easter Sundaymassacre of Christians gives Americans lessons to be learned:

  1. Lesson 1: The idea that only poor, lonely, disenfranchised Muslim individuals succumb to being suicide bombers is misperception. The Sri Lanka bombers were wealthy or well-to-do and educated. Anyone can be radicalized for religious or political purposes.
  1. Lesson 2: The idea that suicide bombers and bomb makers are isolated Jihadists in lowly places is misperception. It makes no difference the name or size of the Jihadist group (ISIS, ISIL, or in this case National Thowheed Jamath [NTJ]. The assemblage and supplying of suicide vests is well organized and secretly positioned internationally to support the hundreds of groups vying for recognition like ISIS.
  1. Lesson 3: The size of religious sects within a country does not correlate to the terroristic damage a sect or a cell can produce. Muslims make up only 9.7 percent of Sri Lanka’s population. Christians make up about 7%. The country is state-sponsored Buddhist (70%). These coordinated bombings (350 counted dead and rising) appears to have been a result of arguments between Buddhists and Muslims and harassment each of the other. So, why kill the Christians? You can start with the war in Iraq as Islam sees it.
  1. Lesson 4: All three religions Christians, Buddhists and Islam paid a heavy price here, both now and in the future. The trickle-down effect will be devastating in the civic mind and nationally in economic loss.
  1. Lesson 5: Saudi Arabia is not our friend, or at least not the friend of Christianity or even any Islamic sect other than its own terroristic indoctrinated Wahabi theology. Even before Osama bin Lauden, Saudis were funding terrorist teachings, training and organization. The only difference, today, is that they are pouring even more money into it.
  1. Lesson 6: We must recognize that the Saudis have built or financially supported most of the mosques in the United States. Yet, not all is lost. By far, Muslims in the United States are moderate and not a part of Jihad. That does not mean that a small group, a cell, cannot be formed in the shadow of a mosque and reek havoc and terror.
  1. Lesson 7: The competing religions in Sri Lanka did not get along. They were at each other’s throat, destroying each other’s property and persecuting each other with prejudice. Inter-religion battles with hate-speech and violence is a precursor to unjustified casualties and downfall.


Last year, the Sri Lankan government government was forced to declare a national state of emergency after the majority Sinhalese ethnic group attacked dozens of Muslim businesses, houses and a mosque in the central district of Kandy.

A young Muslim man was killed with his body found in a burned- out building.

Months after, the Islamist founding group NTJ came to prominence when its followers were accused of attacking Buddhist statues in the Kegalle district. The group’s secretary has been arrested several times on charges of inciting religious unrest.

Two Muslim brothers – sons of a wealthy spice trader – were among the perpetrators of the attacks. They blew themselves up as Christian Easter guests lined up for breakfast at the Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels in the capital.

Three other fighters carried out attacks on churches in the cities of Colombo, Negombo, and Batticaloa, setting off their vests as parishioners gathered to worship.

A seventh man killed three police officers in an attack in a Colombo suburb.


“Most Muslims think that if they pray five times, fast, give Zakat and do Haj, they will avoid hell. Not so fast. They miss the important duty and requirement of being a Muslim, that of going to Jihad and killing Kafirs (Unbelievers). 

Muslims are ordered to carry out Jihad and kill infidels:

2.216: Fighting Jihad (and killing Kuffar) for Allah is ordained for you. It is in your best interest even if you hate it.

Any Muslim who ignores this supreme commandment of Allah to kill will be punished severely (in grave and in hell fire).

9.38: You who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth for Jihad for Allah, you cling heavily to the earth?”

Surah 9.5:

Fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem.


Lesson 8: Britain has been the victim of Jihadist attacks. America has lost the most. What have we learned? There is yet a perfect approach to peace between Islam and Christianity, yet both are Abrahamic religions. That is that their founding roots are in the Old Testament. What we know is that twoopposing proselyting religions, one choosing to use violence against nonbelieving groups, while the other chooses to attack nations in order to convert its populace, cannot be solved by government. Only protection from violence can be given by government. Abrahamic theology is of the mind and belief. Government is not capable of controlling what one believes.

Britain appears to have made progress with its Muslim population by developing a proactive, well-funded interfaith system of inclusiveness. America is behind the curve on this, but when dialogue is opened between Muslims and Christians, the search for common ground surfaces. Perhaps that common ground could be the kinship the two have in the Old Testament, as Mohammed recognized.

The Christians of America, since they are the largest and most powerful, must reach out and organize the interfaith mission to bring in Islam with respect and proven trust. Yes, we have interfaith organizations, but nothing on the scale that can provide enduring peace between the two religions. A nation- wide approach is needed, and it must be well-funded, inclusive and clear about its goals. Any thing short of such an approach will plant the seed for misunderstanding, fear, exclusion and reaction in the time to come. A starting place is to look at what Britain is doing and how they are doing it. The time to start is NOW.



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