Twogaa Sunday Post – 5.19.19 (Dear Mike Pence & Christians)

Submitted by Diana Roberts on May 19, 2019

To Mike Pence and Christians of interest: You are not persecuted in the United States for your Christian Faith. This is ridiculous. Many evangelists preach attack, death and destruction to Christian believers to create mistrust, paranoia, and drive counteraction for fear to create unity among their believers. There is no attack, except as you perceive a different opinion and philosophy to yours as being an attack on Christian Privilege. The only attacks on Christianity leading to any kind of persecution in this nation, as evidence points out, is within your own group.

So, what is Christian Privilege that you are so fearful of losing? Christian Privilege according to L. Z. Schlosser in “Christian Privilege: Breaking a sacred taboo”. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development. 31 (2013) observes that it is a type of dominant group privilege where unconscious or conscious attitudes and beliefs of Christians advantage Christians over non-Christians. Examples include opinions that non-Christian beliefs are inferior or dangerous, or that those who adhere to non-Christian beliefs are amoral, immoral, sinful, or misguided. Such prejudices pervaded established social institution and set a membership base for government Christian activists, both state and federal, to enter the public/nongovernment field of enforcing theology through legislation and court ruling.

There is a hierarchy of Christian Privilege in the United States. White mainstream Protestant denominations have greater degrees of privilege than minority Christian denominations. Such groups include African American churches, Christian Hispanic and Latinos, Amish, Mennonite, Quakers, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, adherents to the Eastern Orthodox Church, Christian Scientists, Mormons, and in some instances Catholics.

Christian dominance is facilitated by its relative invisibility, and because of the invisibility, it is not analyzed, scrutinized, or confronted. Dominance is perceived as unremarkable and “normal”.

Nearly half of all voters in America believe that Christian nationalism is a threat to the nation. The poll, conducted by the Morning Consult, a global technology and polling company, found that among registered voters, 20% see Christian Nationalism – the belief that the United States is or ought to be a “Christian Nation” that extends preference to that faith – as a critical threat. Twenty-seven % see it as an important issue but not a critical issue. That number is being flamed and growing, as proponents of Christian nationalism organize and attack freedom of religion in politics in and through Project Blitz. Project Blitz is a religious-right -wing effort to pass legislation in support of that theocratic concept in the states, while getting Christian indoctrinated judges who are not as likely to be strict on the separation of church and state.

We live in an age of misinformation —an age of spin, marketing, and downright lies, Of course, lying is hardly new, but the deliberate propagation of false or misleading information (and now companies in the businesses of creating it and profiting from) has exploded in the last century, driven by both new technologies for disseminating information and by those who would mislead us. Much of this misinformation takes the form of propaganda. This is material produced, often by government or political organizations or a particular sect or religious organization.

There is a brutal war coming over the protection of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

What needs to be done before it gets totally out of hand is to find a way to reestablish trust, trust between the larger Christian community and the secular community. There Is much we can agree on in the political world without endangering our beliefs, while respecting others. The time is now to rebuild trust and have meaningful dialogue.



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