Submitted by Glen Aaron on July 8, 2015

Khristene Perrone and Joshua Simpson have written “Warp World,” an epic science fiction adventure. Perrone lives in British Columbia and Simpson is a muscular – skeletal therapist in Odessa, Texas.

Sci-fi has been around a long time and is a well – accepted a genre, particularly since “Star Wars.” It does require going up a learning curve of nomenclature – – just as “Star Wars” did – – and every novel is different. The new words and names are part of the intrigue of story. Elements like interstellar travel, culture clashes, secret missions and interspecies love are the meat and potatoes, while unanticipated deviations, danger, and themes of good versus evil keep the reader turning pages.

This is the story of two worlds of two different types of people. Seg comes from a world where the people are cultural theorists, and he has traveled as a scout to this other world. He is searching for “Vita,” an undetectable – to – the – human – eye energy imbued on anything of cultural or spiritual importance. His people are dying because they are running out of Vita. Therefore, Seg must find other worlds where Vita exists, take it and transport it back to his world.

In this foreign world, Seg meets Ama and hires her to assist him in his scouting efforts. Seg and Ama have a tenuous relationship as Ama comes to realize that to continue on. She must turn on her own people, or at least turn on the sect that controls her people. Nevertheless, she helps Seg locate the palace of the powerful ruling sect. Upon arriving at the palace and passing themselves off in disguise in order to enter, they are discovered and have to join together to fight their way out. They each come to realize Ama’s people must escape their tyrannical overlords, and Seg comes to realize his world has political powers that would destroy him and Ama’s world. They must team together not only to survive but to free Ama’s people.

This is a 500 – page novel that, once you become comfortable with it, will keep you reading until the end. For the readers not used to the genre, it will open up a whole new world of enjoyable reading. For sci-fi readers, it will leave you screaming for a sequel.

Warp World can be ordered online@Amazon.com.

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